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Latex foam gets new bounce in beds

Now, thanks to newer technology, such as our high-end drying equipment adapted from the textile industry, we are making a superior latex. And our manufacturing stands out because our people are passionate; they understand the chemistry really well. My partners have been living and breathing latex production for generations. The plant also has a new high-volume pillow line with the capacity to make organic and natural pillows at a rate of 30,000 to 40,000 pillows per year. The companys latex has a number of third-party certifications and seals; these include the Eco Institut, the Forest Stewardship Council, GOLS and Oeko-Tex. Six-inch latex blocks that customers fabricate as they wish are the companys biggest seller. Latex Global also fabricates and cuts latex to order for toppers and cores. The glue used in the fabrication process is natural latex. Latex Global also offers graphite-infused latex. Latexco NV , with headquarters in Tielt, Belgium, sells classic Dunlop latex components, in addition to Pulse topper latex, made using its patented SonoCore continuous-production technology. SonoCore replaces the baking in the Dunlop process with high-frequency radio waves (think a microwave oven) to vulcanize latex, says Ben Ducatteeuw, chief executive officer of Latexco U.S., headquartered in Lavonia, Georgia. SonoCore is an ecologically friendly latex production method that yields a super homogenous and well-ventilated foam that is, basically, vulcanized from the inside out, he says.

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